The V8 Speed and Resto Shop Custom Fabrication Center is a full-service metal shop equipped with all the tools needed to repair or fabricate Muscle Car and Hot Rod body panels, consoles, brackets, suspension pieces, interior parts, and more.

From from rust repair to custom hoods, floors, custom firewalls, intake tubing, TIG welded mandrel-bent stainless steel exhaust, fan shrouds, custom aluminum oil reservoirs, shaved door handles, tightened door and panel gaps, and much more, the V8 Speed and Resto Shop Fabrication Center can do it all.

Equipment includes a Pullmax Power Hammer with a full assortment of custom dies, English Wheel, Slip Roller, Shrinker / Stretcher, Punch Press, Box and Pan Brake, Metal Shear, HTP TIG Welders, HTP MIG Welders, Cutting Torches, Plasma Cutters, Pro-Spot Spot Welder, Aluminum Welder, and many more.