1963 chevrolet corvette bw 2024 02 01

This iconic 1963 Corvette rolled into the V8 Speed and Resto Shop with a fender needing some TLC. Brad, the owner, wanted to ensure a perfect fit and finish, so our experts are tackling the job with precision.

What’s in store for this Corvette Roadster?

  • Fender Repair: We’ll meticulously address the fender’s imperfections, ensuring a seamless and like-new appearance.
  • Gap Adjustment: We’ll fine-tune the body panel gaps to achieve consistent and aesthetically pleasing spacing.
  • Stripping & Repainting: The old paint will be removed, revealing a clean canvas for a stunning new finish. Brad, have you decided on a color yet? We can’t wait to see it!

Stay tuned as we transform this fender and bring this 1963 Corvette back to its showroom glory. We’ll share progress photos and updates along the way, so you can witness the magic happening right here!

In the meantime, let us know in the comments below:

  • What’s your dream color for this Corvette?
  • Have you ever owned or worked on a classic car? Share your experiences!

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