The Ames Automotive Foundation in Marlborough, NH, is proud to present over ninety Muscle Cars and Classics on display, spanning 100 years of automotive history. Most of these cars are completely original, including tires and paint, and typically have fewer than 10,000 miles on the odometer. The rest are high quality restorations of rare “one of” cars. When Steve Ames started this collection, he realized how rare it is to find such a stunning, original example of classic cars and focused on ultra low-mileage, untouched, original vehicles. Realizing these vehicles needed to be preserved for future generations, Steve and his wife Joan created the Ames Automotive Foundation in 2016 to allow future generations to have the opportunity to learn how the workers could assemble these cars in a matter of hours on a moving assembly line. The Ames Automotive Foundation allows these extraordinary vehicles to live on for years to come. They invite you to come see these wonderful examples of American ingenuity and hear their stories. Tours are currently available by advance appointment. Please fill out the contact form to schedule a tour today!

Below are some snap shots of a couple interesting displays, click the Ames Museum Website for more!