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The 1950s Studebaker Champion holds a special place in the hearts of car enthusiasts for a multitude of reasons. Whether you’re a seasoned hot rodder, a passionate racer, or simply appreciate classic style, there’s something undeniably appealing about these iconic vehicles.

Built for Speed and Style:

  • Aerodynamic Advantage: The Champion’s sleek, sloping design wasn’t just for aesthetics. It offered a distinct aerodynamic advantage, making it a favorite among racers seeking to push the limits on the track.
  • V8 Power Potential: Under that distinctive hood lies the potential for housing a powerful V8 engine, transforming the Champion into a true performance machine. This combination of form and function is a major draw for hot rodders looking to create unique and exhilarating rides.

Beyond the Race Track:

For street rodders, the appeal of the Studebaker Champion goes beyond raw power and speed. These cars possess a certain undeniable coolness factor, with their timeless design and distinctive character. They offer a unique driving experience that combines classic charm with surprisingly good handling, making them a joy to cruise in.

A Studebaker Gets a New Lease on Life:

Here at the V8 Speed and Resto Shop, we share the passion for these remarkable vehicles. As evidenced by the stunning gray 1953 Studebaker Champion currently undergoing a complete repaint and detailed restoration in our shop, we understand the importance of preserving and enhancing the character of these classics.

Your Dream Restoration Awaits:

Whether you own a street rod, a classic car, or a hot rod yearning for a refresh, we’re here to help. We’re passionate about bringing your automotive vision to life, and we’d love to chat about the possibilities and turn your dreams into reality.

So, if you’re looking for a shop that understands and appreciates the timeless appeal of the Studebaker Champion, or any other classic car, get in touch with the V8 Speed and Resto Shop today!

1968 plymouth gtx gg 2024 02 09

Our friend Gary is not your average car owner. He’s spent years nurturing his pride and joy, a stunning 1968 Plymouth GTX, and now he’s ready to take it to the next level. Join us at the V8 Speed and Resto Shop as we help him refine his classic muscle car, keeping its original charm while adding some subtle performance upgrades and a touch of modern convenience.

Showroom-Fresh Looks You Can Drive Every Day:

  • Polished Beauty: Gary’s GTX is already a head-turner, but we’re replacing the rear window and giving the engine bay a thorough “clean up” to maintain its factory-fresh look.
  • Function Over Form: We’re upgrading the brakes, focusing on improved performance while keeping the classic drum setup for that authentic feel.
  • Safety First: We’re ensuring the door locks function flawlessly for added peace of mind.
  • Cool and Collected: The temperature gauge might be misleading, but we’re tuning the carb for optimal performance and cooler running.
  • Factory Tight: Replacing worn bushings will tighten up the suspension, enhancing handling without sacrificing the original driving experience.

Keeping it Stock, Keeping it Classy:

Gary’s a purist at heart. He wants his GTX to remain in its stock class for shows, and we’re making sure every upgrade adheres to those guidelines.

A Detailer’s Dream:

Gary’s meticulous attention to detail shines through. With 40 years of experience under his belt, he knows exactly how he wants his car to look and feel. We’re proud to partner with him on this project, ensuring his GTX continues to be a source of pride and joy for years to come.

Stay tuned as we showcase Gary’s GTX transformation, one photo at a time!

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2024 Grand National Roadster Show, Lions Automobilia Foundation, SoCal Open House, Automotive Trivia, and Much More on the V8 Radio Podcast

Put on your shades and crank up the tunes, gearheads! This week’s V8 Radio Podcast takes us on a sun-soaked California cruise through the epicenter of custom car culture. We buckle up for:

  • The legendary 2024 Grand National Roadster Show: It’s all there – the glistening chrome and mind-blowing craftsmanship of America’s premier indoor car show. We’ll share our highlights, hidden gems, and maybe even some celebrity sightings!
  • Delving into automotive history at the Lions Automobilia Foundation: From vintage racers to Hollywood movie cars, the Lions Foundation has it all.   The facility is just as cool as the cars! 
  • Caffeine and classics at Donut Derelicts: Join us for the iconic Huntington Beach cars and coffee event, where the smell of burnt rubber blends with fresh donuts and the rumble of V8s fills the air. Cruising classics, friendly faces, and endless car spotting – what’s not to love?
  • A peek inside SoCal Speed Shop: We got invited to their open house event, where we chatted with the SoCal team, checked out the shop, peeked behind the scenes of their legendary builds, and soak up the pure passion for hot rods.

That’s not all! We’ll kick things off with some stump-the-chumps automotive trivia, answer your burning car questions, and share plenty of laughs and good times along the way. So, grab your favorite beverage, fire up the engine of your imagination, and join us for a California dreamin’ episode of the V8 Radio Podcast!

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Bonus: Share your favorite California car memories and photos in the comments below!

V8 Radio Podcast
V8 Radio Podcast
2024 Grand National Roadster Show, Lions Automobilia Foundation, SoCal Open House, Automotive Trivia, and Much More on the V8 Radio Podcast
Kevin's New Creative Space, Digitizing The Past, the Diamond Golden Apple Cutlass, Automotive Trivia, and Much More on the V8 Radio Podcast!

Tune in for a thrilling ride down memory lane with the latest episode of the V8 Radio Podcast, hosted by the dynamic duo of Kevin Oeste and Mike “Q-Ball” Clarke.

This episode is packed with exciting content that will pique your interest, whether you’re a seasoned restoration pro or a casual admirer of automotive history. Here’s a sneak peek at what awaits you:

Kevin’s Creative Hub Revealed: Dive into a tour of Kevin’s brand new creative haven, a space brimming with inspiration and sure to spark your curiosity. What innovative projects are brewing within its walls? Tune in to find out!

Preserving the Past: Resurrecting Old Recordings and Videos: As the V8 Speed and Resto Shop and V8TV gear up for their 20th anniversary, the conversation delves into the fascinating process of rediscovering and digitizing old recordings and videos. This is a treasure trove of automotive history waiting to be unearthed!

The Unveiling of a Beauty: 1971 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme Convertible: Kevin Q-Ball touch on the stunningly restored 1971 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme convertible, a long-time family heirloom car brought back to life by the skilled hands at V8 Speed and Resto.

Fueling Your Automotive Knowledge: Automotive Trivia Challenge: Put your car knowledge to the test with a fun and engaging automotive trivia challenge hosted by the dynamic duo. Are you ready to show off your expertise?

And Much More! This episode is just a taste of the exciting content packed into this latest V8 Radio Podcast. Buckle up for laughter, insightful discussions, and a healthy dose of automotive passion.

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P.S. Share your thoughts on the episode in the comments below! What aspect are you most excited about? What car-related stories would you like to hear in the future? Let’s keep the conversation rolling!

Ed Tillrock Art:

V8 Radio Podcast
V8 Radio Podcast
Cruise into Nostalgia with the Latest V8 Radio Podcast: Unveiling a Cutlass Supreme & More!
1963 chevrolet corvette bw 2024 02 01

This iconic 1963 Corvette rolled into the V8 Speed and Resto Shop with a fender needing some TLC. Brad, the owner, wanted to ensure a perfect fit and finish, so our experts are tackling the job with precision.

What’s in store for this Corvette Roadster?

  • Fender Repair: We’ll meticulously address the fender’s imperfections, ensuring a seamless and like-new appearance.
  • Gap Adjustment: We’ll fine-tune the body panel gaps to achieve consistent and aesthetically pleasing spacing.
  • Stripping & Repainting: The old paint will be removed, revealing a clean canvas for a stunning new finish. Brad, have you decided on a color yet? We can’t wait to see it!

Stay tuned as we transform this fender and bring this 1963 Corvette back to its showroom glory. We’ll share progress photos and updates along the way, so you can witness the magic happening right here!

In the meantime, let us know in the comments below:

  • What’s your dream color for this Corvette?
  • Have you ever owned or worked on a classic car? Share your experiences!
1951 ford f1 dm 2024 02 05

This isn’t your average classic car restoration story. This is about a beloved piece of history, a 1951 Ford F1 pickup truck with a unique past and an exciting future. And the V8 Speed and Resto Shop is honored to be a part of its journey.

The truck, affectionately nicknamed the “firetruck” by its owners, Bloomsdale Excavating, has been with the company “forever.” It sat proudly in their museum, a cherished reminder of their rich history. But now, the time had come for this classic to shine once again. They wanted to bring it out of retirement and give it a new purpose: gracing parades and community events.

That’s where owner Dean and the V8 Speed and Resto Shop stepped in. Recognizing the truck’s significance, the team was eager to help. While the F1 didn’t need a full restoration, it did require some TLC. The paint needed a touch-up, and the electrical system needed rewiring to ensure safe and reliable operation.

For V8 Speed and Resto Shop, it wasn’t just about fixing a truck; it was about preserving a piece of history and reviving a community treasure. They meticulously addressed the paint and electrical issues, ensuring the F1 would be ready to handle the demands of parades and events.

This project is more than just a restoration; it’s a story of community, family, and shared history. Soon, the “firetruck” will once again be a source of pride for Bloomsdale Excavating and a delight for the community. And V8 Speed and Resto Shop is proud to have played a role in bringing this iconic truck back to life.

Stay tuned for updates as we share more about this special project! You might even see the F1 shining bright in a parade near you.