This white Trans AM is getting the goods!

V8 Speed and Resto is proud to share our latest project: a very cool 1973 Pontiac Trans AM. This iconic vehicle holds a special place in the heart of its owner, Joe, who has owned a remarkable four Trans AMs throughout his life, and this particular model is poised to become his most impressive yet.

While Wisconsin’s climate may have presented some challenges, Joe’s vision for this Trans AM is clear – a driving masterpiece. The priority lies in crafting a machine that delivers exhilarating performance, with cosmetic enhancements to follow in due course.

A Great Start with Great Parts!

The groundwork for a formidable driving experience has already been laid. The Trans AM currently sits atop a Roadster Shop SPEC chassis, boasting a meticulously built 455 engine for power. The braking system is in place, although bleeding is necessary, and Joe anticipates the need for further evaluation.

V8 Speed and Resto’s expert team will elevate this Trans AM to new heights of comfort and functionality. A Vintage Air system will ensure a cool cabin on scorching summer days, while power windows will add a touch of modern convenience. To optimize engine performance, a brand new EFI system will be installed and tuned. Joe is looking forward to hearing the aggressive rumble of Pypes Intimidator mufflers.

Follow The Build

We invite you to follow the progress on this Trans AM at the V8 Speed and Resto shop. Stay tuned – you won’t want to miss it!

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A unique car with a cool story… it’s going to be a memory-making Meteor!

A car lover just scored a sweet find: a 1963 Mercury Meteor! These beauties aren’t exactly a dime a dozen, so they jumped at the chance to win one at auction, especially since it has a special connection. Turns out, this was their Dad’s all-time favorite car, the one he even drove on his wedding day!

The plan? Surprise Dad with a ride that runs like a champ and looks spiffy enough for a gift. They’re thinking light restoration, whatever fits the budget comfortably. A full check-up is a must, just to catch anything they might’ve missed that needs fixing. The seller mentioned a finicky fuel gauge and some starting trouble if the car sits for too long, but otherwise it seems alright.

Looks-wise, there’s some minor rust they’d love to tackle, and the carpet’s definitely seen better days. Those are the main things for now, but they’re totally open to chatting about more restoration work down the line. Right now, getting it to run smooth and looking decent for Dad’s big reveal is priority number one.

Looking After The Meteor at V8 Speed and Resto

We at the V8 Speed and Resto Shop love cars like these and their stories, and are looking forward to helping the owner reach all his goals.   Follow along as we perform some TLC on this cool Mercury V8 Speed!

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The Original Rocket V8!

This cool 1949 Oldsmobile is powered by the original 303 Rocket Oldsmobile V8, but is wearing a smooth custom look with a lowered stance, vintage green exterior, and fully a finished interior. The 1949 Oldsmobile joined Cadillac as the second American automaker to mass produce an overhead valve V8 engine, and this version remained in production until 1953.

Returning The Olds To The Road

The V8 Speed and Resto Shop team aims to make the car more enjoyable to drive all day long, installing power steering, air conditioning, disc brakes, cruise control, tilt wheel, and perhaps some seat upgrades as well. Fuel injection might be in the cards, we’ll post all the pictures and videos here so you can follow the progress of this unique resto-mod street rod… is that a “Street Mod?” Hmmm…

Follow The Upgrades

The V8 Speed and Resto Shop is ready to perform a stock and original restoration or build a high performance restomod just for you. Contact us anytime to chat about your project goals!

Contact the V8 Speed & Resto Shop with all your Classic or Muscle Car needs today!

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Gear up for an inspiring ride with automotive personality Dave Kindig!

This episode of Hammer Down, the Official SEMA Hot Rod Industry Alliance (HRIA) Podcast takes you behind the scenes of Kindig-It-Design, the shop building the bitchin’ rides that have captured imaginations for over 25 years. Hammer Down is hosted by Kevin Oeste and HRIA Chair and HushMat & ZyCoat Owner Tim McCarthy.

Join Dave Kindig as he:

  • Shares the incredible journey from a “borrowed hammer” to a thriving 40-person team.
  • Unveils stories from the shop’s early days and the hurdles they’ve overcome.
  • Dives deep into projects, including winning the prestigious Ridler Award.
  • Offers insights on building and leading a successful team in the automotive world.

This episode is a must-listen for gearheads, entrepreneurs, and anyone who loves a good underdog story.

Whether you’re a seasoned gearhead or just starting your professional  Hot Rod journey, Hammer Down delivers informative and entertaining discussion that celebrates the passion, ingenuity, and enduring legacy of the Hot Rod community and how the SEMA HRIA aims to help Hot Rod businesses succeed.    

So buckle up, rev your engines, and join us on this thrilling ride through the world of hot rodding.   Welcome to Hammer Down!

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1968 Dodge Coronet 500 Premium Restoration

Taking a ’68 Coronet 500 to the next level! This episode follows our progress as we transform this classic Mopar muscle car with a meticulous “premium restoration.”

What you’ll see:

  • Engine bay perfection: Original 383 motor installed and painted in its correct colors.
  • Award-winning attention to detail: Door jambs, trunk, and fenders get flawless paint that continues under the hood for a truly consistent finish.
  • Premium touches: We go beyond factory spec with a beautiful metallic green exterior and a tasteful satin green interior (originally from the factory).
  • Expert Bodywork: Witness the incredible transformation from bare metal to a smooth, flawless finish.

Watch the videos and check out the photos as we transform this cool Coronet!

Every car has a story, and this one is special!

The owner of this sweet 1967 Plymouth Belvedere GTX received the car in 1985, and has had it ever since then. But it wasn’t just a car he bought off some used car lot… this one came from his uncle, who bought it new after returning home from the Vietnam war. You can imagine the sentimental value the car holds for the owner and his family, and that is something we do not take lightly here at the V8 Speed and Resto Shop!

It looks great, but…

The car has received an extensive restoration, but the owner isn’t sure that it looks the best it can, so he reached out to our shop for some insights on taking the paint and appearance to the next level. And being a fairly fresh restoration, there are always mechanical fixes that need to be addressed as miles are driven, and the GTX had a few mechanical issues to button up as well.

The “X” Files

The letter X has always been kind of mystical… X marks the spot, x stands for experimental, x represents an unknown or even secret stuff like x factors or x files.   This time, the X could stand for Extra, as the GTX came from the Plymouth factory loaded up with goodies intending to make it an all-around performer, with comfort and style as well.  Based off the no-frills Belvedere platform, the GTX came stock with the powerful 375 HP 440 cube V8 and was no slouch.  Upgrades from the basic Belvedere were all over the car and included performance and appearance items, and this one is wearing Medium Blue Poly paint.

The 67 GTX had the look, with a dual snorkel scooped hood, and many featured two thin stripes that made ‘em even racier.    The front end design is tight, with quad headlights and a no-nonsense grille treatment featuring blacked out upper and lower sections.    Follow along as we perform some TLC on this GTX at V8 Speed!

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