Wayne and Dan Jesel not only run one of the most successful and innovative valve train and engine parts businesses, but they also put their parts to the test on the salt at Bonneville. On this episode of the Bonneville Up To Speed Podcast, Kevin Oeste chats with Wayne Jesel about running the new Jesel-designed Equal 8 engine in their Ram pickup at the 2022 SCTA Speed Week event. Perhaps equally as impressive is the generosity of the Jesel team, who routinely welcome other land speed enthusiasts to drive, get licensed, and even set records in the Jesel pickup. To date, 10 people have gotten their 200 MPH club red hats behind the wheel of the bright yellow truck! Wayne also recalls the history of Jesel in racing, some insight on engine tech, and tips on how to get involved with land speed racing.


Wayne Jesel Interview on the Bonneville Up To Speed Podcast
Bonneville Up To Speed Podcast
Racing with Wayne Jesel on the Bonneville Up To Speed Podcast!

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