Weather you want a complete custom interior or your original refreshed, the V8 Speed and Resto Shop in-house Interior Shop shop can make it happen.

Our interior shop works closely with our Fabrication Department and Body and Paint Department to create beautiful custom bespoke environments tailored to your needs, or to faithfully restore an original interior to brand-new condition.

Carpets fade, seats tear, cushions go flat, springs break, headliners fall, and even the most well-kept interior will eventually show signs of wear. There are many ways to restore the seats in your classic or Muscle car, but in the V8 Speed & Resto Shop’s interior department, we choose to go far beyond simply removing the covers and replacing the foam.

Our process involves a complete disassembly of the seat and the frame, rust removal from the frame and seat springs, and repairing or replacing the springs as needed. All of the seat tracks and release mechanisms are painstakingly restored to operate, smoothly, and safely. The next step is to protect all of the bare steel springs and frames with epoxy primer, and then paint them with industrial satin black in our full-service paint shop. Only then will the new burlap, seat foam, and seat covers be installed. Sometimes we install reproduction seat covers, and we also create custom seat covers in leather, vinyl, ultra suede, or material of your choice. We also pay special attention to make sure the seats are not over stuffed, and that day are comfortable and retain an original appearance were necessary.

Completely Custom Tailored To Match Your Style

Of course, we also create complete custom interiors, consoles, dashboards, headliners, door panels, convertible tops, audio systems, navigation systems, power ports, seat heaters and coolers, sound deadening, carpets, interior lighting… any interior project your custom, classic, or stock restoration needs, we can do in-house. Take a look at these photos of a bucket seat we recently restored for a 1967 Chevrolet Camaro SS convertible. The job takes time and tremendous attention to detail, but when finished, it’s reassuring to know the underside looks just as fresh as the top, is safe and comfortable, and will be ready for years of enjoyment. You’ll also find other photos of headliners, seats, custom consoles, door panels, convertible tops and more that we have created in the shop.

Contact the V8 Speed and Resto Shop to discuss your interior and upholstery needs at or at 314.783.8325 today.

V8 Speed and Resto Shop Interior Shop Sewing Room
V8 Speed and Resto Shop Interior Shop Sewing Room