This 1968 Oldsmobile 442 appears to have Stage 1 ignition, and it’s already a foot off the ground!   In realty, V8 Speed and Resto Shop Fabrication is creating a new transmission tunnel to house the incoming 6-speed manual transmission and custom chassis.   However, this one will be able to launch when it’s done! 

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Patch Panel or Full Body Panel Replacement?

If you have rust or damage in your classic car, muscle car, hot rod, or truck, you have some options when it comes to sheet metal body repair panels.    One option is to replace the entire panel, be it a quarter panel, fender, floor section, trunk floor, roof skin, dashboard, or other body panel.    

The other option is to replace a section of the panel, cutting it in the middle and only welding in what is needed.   Which is the better option, full panel replacement or patch panel installation?    This video attempts to answer that question as shown at the V8 Speed and Resto Shop. 

Our team performs original factory style complete body panel replacements as well as patch panel installation, as we have the tools and experience to complete both types of repairs that are nearly undetectable when completed.    Our fabrication shop uses resistance spot welders and TIG welders to install quarter panels, trunk floors, trunk drop-down panels, cabin floors, rocker panels, fenders, and more.  

Contact the V8 Speed & Resto Shop if your classic car, muscle car, hot rod, truck, or other restoration project vehicle has rust or damage to repair.    

1977 Pontiac Trans Am Restomod Revival at the V8 Speed and Resto Shop

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A smooth firewall is just one way to make the underhood area look clean on your Muscle Car or Classic.   In this case, the hole left by the original heater was filled with a sheetmetal panel and the welds were all smoothed to make for an undetectable install.    A new air conditioning system from Vintage Air will someday be installed, and it does not require the large hole in the firewall.   Below you can see how the car looked originally.    

Original Firewall

Our crew performs these kinds of metalwork projects routinely at the V8 Speed & Resto Shop.    Contact us today at 314.783.8325 to discuss your project today!