A Pro-Touring / Resto Mod Camaro Lover’s Dream!

The classic 1969 Camaro Pace Car, a California native with a storied past, has undergone a dramatic transformation. Its original drivetrain is a distant memory, replaced entirely with a modern masterpiece. A Schwartz Performance chassis now forms the foundation, boasting an independent rear suspension featuring components from a sixth-generation Camaro. Under the hood lies a monstrous LT4 engine with a dry sump oil system, breathing life through a 10L90 automatic transmission. To keep this beast cool, a C&R Racing radiator and cooling system with SPAL brushless fans ensure optimal temperature control.

The Last 5%

Although this Pace Car – a real one, by the way – has an amazing list of parts installed, the owner wanted some final details addressed before hitting the road with his prized Camaro. We’ll be knocking out a punch list more commonly known as “The Last 5%” – you know, little details that linger at the end of a restoration or performance build that prevent it from being 100% complete and ready to rock. We’re honored at the V8 Speed and Resto Shop for the opportunity to bring this car across the finish line.

Follow the Progress in The Photos!

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