Re-skinning a Snake, outside and in

The Cobra is one of the true icons of performance cars, and this sweet Backdraft version is powered by a Roush Performance 427 Windsor small block. It was purchased with typical Cobra flash, but the owner likes to personalize his rides, so the Cobra came to V8 Speed and Resto for several rounds of appearance upgrades. First order of business was to black-out all the bright trim, including powdercoating the windshield frame, wheels, and other trim items. It was then treated to a complete repaint in our Paint Shop.

From Blacked-Out to Bespoke Beauty

This Cobra’s transformation wasn’t complete after the paint job. V8 Speed & Resto’s Upholstery Shop added the perfect contrast with a custom, hand-stitched tan leather interior. The distressed finish echoes the texture of snake scales, and the rich leather aroma welcomes you… until you turn the key and wake up the 427’s growling side pipes.   Slide behind the wheel and experience luxury that matches the car’s power.

What Can We Build For You?

As you click through the photo gallery documenting the progress of this 427 Cobra, we invite you to consider your own dream car and reach out to the V8 Speed and Resto Shop where we can make it come to life.   From bodywork and paint, performance upgrades, or a one-of-a-kind custom interior, our discerning craftsmen and technicians can make it a reality.   We invite you to contact us at the V8 Speed and Resto Shop today.

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