This Ford F350 is practically a member of the family.

The owner of this super-cool 1979 Ford F350 grew up with this truck, as his Dad’s good friend bought it new back in ’79. When the original owner – a former law enforcement officer – decided the truck’s services were no longer needed, the current owner obtained the truck… he was just 16 years old.

An heirloom is born.

This was a great daily driver for a 16 year old. It is powered by a Ford 400M V8 engine with an automatic and 4 wheel drive, but as time went progressed, the owner grew up and needed more practical transportation. However, he held on to the truck, storing it for a future time when the truck could be enjoyed once again. Fast forward a couple decades and a family, and today the ’79 is getting back on the road with the help of the V8 Speed and Resto Shop team!

Follow along as we perform some mechanical TLC to return the big F350 safely to the road!

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