A huge shoutout to these two young rockstars, Josilyn Lazenby and Emma Smith, for not only graduating from the amazing Career Center of Southern Illinois, but also for CRUSHING it and winning the prestigious V8 Speed and Resto Shop “Holeshot” Scholarship!  Emma also clinched the CCSI Rising Star Award!

Josilyn, you’re a welding whiz! Your dedication to mastering the craft is truly inspiring. We can’t wait to see the incredible projects you’ll build with your newfound skills. Keep sparking those flames, girl!

Emma, you’re a mechanical marvel! Your passion for understanding how things work is contagious. We have no doubt you’ll diagnose and fix any mechanical challenge that comes your way, and we look forward to your skills growing in our upholstery shop!  

This is a HUGE win for our community, and especially for young women considering careers in the automotive industry. We need more role models like Josilyn and Emma, showing everyone that welders and wrenches can be just as empowering as anything else.

So let’s give these future automotive superstars a round of applause!  We can’t wait to see what amazing things they achieve next.

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