V8 Speed and Resto Shop Owner Kelle Oeste is on the ballot for the 2024 SEMA Board Of Directors, and she joins Kevin Oeste and Mike “Q-Ball” Clarke on the latest V8 Radio Podcast to share the news and to talk about what she’s prepared to contribute should she be elected.     Kelle has loads of valuable of experience in the Automotive Aftermarket industry and in SEMA committees like the Hot Rod Industry Alliance and the SEMA Show, so it’s a great opportunity for her to increase her volunteer capacity to help even more business like ours.    And we didn’t leave out the Automotive Trivia and a few laughs, so it’s another inimitable episode of V8 Radio!   

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Special Guest Kelle Oeste and Her Run for SEMA Board Of Directors on V8 Radio Podcast
V8 Radio Podcast
Special Guest Kelle Oeste and Her Run for SEMA Board Of Directors on V8 Radio Podcast

We’re honored to announce V8 Speed and Resto’s very own Kelle Oeste nominated for Specialty Equipment Market Association leadership position

V8 Speed and Resto Shop’s Owner / Operations Manager Kelle Oeste was recently nominated for possible election to the SEMA Board Of Directors. The process involved several rounds of surveys, questionnaires, and interviews, and we’re excited to announce she has made it to the final round, and has been added to the ballot for the upcoming May 28 vote!

Voting is open to all SEMA Member companies, and each will receive voting instructions in the mail ahead of the election. If you are the voting decision maker for your business, please review the materials and consider voting for Kelle.

You can learn more about Kelle, her views, and how she plans to help the companies and people that comprise the Automotive Aftermarket through service to the SEMA Board Of Directors by clicking the link www.ko4sema.com . If you find your views align and you feel Kelle will be a worthy representative and contributor to the SEMA Board Of Directors, please consider giving her your vote. Thank you!