Kelle Oeste of the V8 Speed and Resto Shop with the keys to a Charger Daytona

Well wouldya look at that! V8 Speed & Resto Shop‘s very own Kelle Oeste featured as a Select Committee member of the SEMA Hot Rod Industry Alliance (HRIA)! Kelle is very active in the industry and is quick to volunteer to help members and their families flourish in the automotive world, and in life. Congrats Kelle on the spotlight, we’re all very proud of you and appreciate all you do!
SPECIAL 150TH EPISODE! Not 1, but 2 HUGE ANNOUNCEMENTS on the V8 Radio Podcast!

This is a HUGE episode of the V8 Radio Podcast!   NOT ONLY do we celebrate the 150th episode of this fine automotive podcast, but we make 2 HUGE ANNOUNCEMENTS on the show!   And not little ones like “there’s a new tee shirt available…” (because there’s not.. ) but some great stuff that will positively impact the podcast, the V8 Speed and Resto Shop team, and customers alike.   No foolin’, folks.   Kelle Oeste joins as a guest, and we still have time for trivia and much more on the latest V8 Radio Podcast!

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V8 Radio Podcast
SPECIAL 150TH EPISODE! Not 1, but 2 HUGE ANNOUNCEMENTS on the V8 Radio Podcast!
Kelle Oeste and V8 Speed and Resto Shop Featured in LIA Ladies In Autosport Magazine

We’re super excited to share that LIA Magazine chose to feature the V8 Speed and Resto Shop in their March issue. LIA Magazine (Ladies In Autosports) is a colorful female-themed rod & custom online & in print magazine published by longtime Midwest photojournalists Julia and John Aschenberg. Julia and John meet ladies of all facets of the industry; welders, fabricators, upholsters, painters, pin stripers, etc. This issue embarks on the 20 year story of the V8 Speed and Resto Shop featuring owner Kelle Oeste. We are grateful to be spotlighted in this month’s issue of LIA Magazine. Be sure to check them out at

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Kelle Oeste featured in Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal recently ran a feature story on the effects of rising interest rates on small business across America, and they interviewed V8 Speed and Resto Shop owner Kelle Oeste as a source. The feature discussed how the interest rates affect credit lines and cashflow of a small business, and Kelle provided her feedback on how this has impacted the V8 Speed and Resto Shop. You can click this link to read the whole story from the Wall Street Journal:

V8 Speed and Resto Shop featured in the Wall Street Journal
V8 Speed and Resto Shop, photo courtesy of the Wall Street Journal.
Kelle Oeste interviewed for LIA Magazine

LIA Magazine (Ladies In Autosports) paid a visit to V8 Speed and Resto on their way to The SEMA Show. Owners John and Julie Aschenberg of LIA Magazine feature and celebrate women from all around the country who make a difference in the automotive industry.  We’re fortunate they came to visit and spotlight Kelle for her dedication to the shop and the industry.  Thanks for the visit and the coverage, and be sure to check out LIA Magazine!

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dec2019cover 1