Jeff Smith knew what he wanted to do from his days as a kid working in his Grandfather’s service station in Boone, Iowa… and that was to be the Editor of Hot Rod Magazine. He never lost that vision, and made his dream come true, and then some! Smith has held the big chair at some of the top car enthusiast magazines including Hot Rod, Car Craft, Chevy High Performance, and regularly contributes to numerous other titles in print and online. Jeff and Kevin worked together at Petersen Publishing, and Jeff shared some cool stories with Kevin and Mike about magazines, achieving your goals, and some inside info on the cover that nearly cost Jeff his job! (Hint… it was the cover featuring the icon kustom CadZZilla!) There’s also the usual automotive trivia and a bunch of laughs and you’ve got another fun episode of the V8 Radio Podcast!

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Tales From Editor's Desk with Special Guest Jeff Smith on the V8 Radio Podcast

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