On this episode of V8 Radio, get ready for an update on Mike’s 1967 Pontiac GTO engine build! We know, right? It’s coming together piece by piece. Mike is also going to be attending the SEMA show for his first time this year! Then, Mike and Kevin recap the 4th annual V8TV Drive In Cruise event, where a huge car show meets the Drive In! This year, the featured film was Cannonball Run, and nearly 400 cars were in attendance. Too cool. Mike and Kevin also chat about some of the inner workings of the V8TVshow.com photo galleries and how that whole process works. Of course, there’s some automotive trivia and a few laughs, and you’ve got the latest V8 Radio!

V8 Radio Podcast
V8 Radio Podcast
V8 Radio Podcast: Mike's GTO Engine Update, SEMA, V8TV Drive In Cruise Event, Behind The Scenes at V8TVshow.com, MORE!


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