1982 chevrolet camaro z28 ht 2024 03 20

The First Of The New Generation

1982 was the debut year for the all-new 3rd Generation Chevrolet Camaro, including the highest-performance offering of the day, the Z28. While the early 1980s were not the pinnacle of performance years, this 4-speed Z28 holds a very special place in the heart and mind of the owner, and we’re looking forward to lighting its fire once again.

Connecting The Past With The Future

Cars like this one transport us back to when they were new, and the owner has had this one ever since then. We’re honored to have a hand in this Z28s future, renewing the spirit of the car and the soul of the owner through the throw of the 4-speed shifter. Reach us at the V8 Speed and Resto Shop to chat about the next chapter for your classic or muscle car.