Every car has a story, and this one is special!

The owner of this sweet 1967 Plymouth Belvedere GTX received the car in 1985, and has had it ever since then. But it wasn’t just a car he bought off some used car lot… this one came from his uncle, who bought it new after returning home from the Vietnam war. You can imagine the sentimental value the car holds for the owner and his family, and that is something we do not take lightly here at the V8 Speed and Resto Shop!

It looks great, but…

The car has received an extensive restoration, but the owner isn’t sure that it looks the best it can, so he reached out to our shop for some insights on taking the paint and appearance to the next level. And being a fairly fresh restoration, there are always mechanical fixes that need to be addressed as miles are driven, and the GTX had a few mechanical issues to button up as well.

The “X” Files

The letter X has always been kind of mystical… X marks the spot, x stands for experimental, x represents an unknown or even secret stuff like x factors or x files.   This time, the X could stand for Extra, as the GTX came from the Plymouth factory loaded up with goodies intending to make it an all-around performer, with comfort and style as well.  Based off the no-frills Belvedere platform, the GTX came stock with the powerful 375 HP 440 cube V8 and was no slouch.  Upgrades from the basic Belvedere were all over the car and included performance and appearance items, and this one is wearing Medium Blue Poly paint.

The 67 GTX had the look, with a dual snorkel scooped hood, and many featured two thin stripes that made ‘em even racier.    The front end design is tight, with quad headlights and a no-nonsense grille treatment featuring blacked out upper and lower sections.    Follow along as we perform some TLC on this GTX at V8 Speed!

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