1971 Oldsmobile Cutlass Convertible Restoration at the V8 Speed and Resto Shop


A Trusted Companion Since 1973

The Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme is a mid-range car produced by General Motors for those seeking comfortable, reliable, and stylish vehicles. The Cutlass Supreme was the fanciest version of the Cutlass you could buy, and the 1971 convertible is one of 10,255 built that year.

The owner of this particular car purchased it in 1973 and has driven and enjoyed it ever since. However, over time, the car started to show its age, so he called the V8 Speed and Resto Shop to restore it.

Tearing Down To Build Back Up

The team at V8 Speed and Resto Shop began by media blasting the chassis to remove all the rust and corrosion, and then powder coated it in a black finish similar to the original paint. They also replaced the original suspension parts with tubular control arms and billet coil-over shocks from QA1.

The body was stripped in search of rust and damage, and any rust holes were repaired with new steel. The team also repaired the bottom of the door shell to replace some rust holes. Their mission was to use as much of the original GM steel as possible on this car to keep it as authentic as possible.

Renewing The Driveline

The original Olds 350 V8 engine was also given a refresh. The engine was disassembled, cleaned, measured, and remachined, and new rod and main bearings, pistons, rings, gaskets, and all new ARP hardware were installed. A COMP hydraulic roller camshaft conversion was installed, which not only added a cam profile designed to increase the engine’s torque output, but also uses roller lifters to reduce friction and the risk of the cam going flat. Once it was all assembled, the engine was topped with an aluminum intake manifold and a Holley Terminator X electronic fuel injection system for increased reliability.

Vibrant Green Once Again

The body was then painted in its original code 43 Lime Green Metallic color, and the team carefully re-mounted the body panels, making sure nothing got bumped or chipped in the process. Once installed, all the exterior surfaces were sanded once again in preparation for sealer and the color and clear application.

After a couple months of curing time, the paint team started the wetsanding and buffing process on the paint to further flatten the surface and bring out the gloss. The restored trim, lettering, and badges were then carefully installed.

New Upholstery And Bright Spoked Wheels

The interior was renewd, with the seats, door panels, rear side panels, dash pad, sun visors, carpet, and more being rebuilt or replaced. A new A/C system from Vintage Air was installed, and the dashboard and firewall were bodyworked and painted satin black.

The convertible top mechanism and hydraulics were also restored, and a new white convertible top was installed. The car also got a set of custom made chrome spoked wheels with white pinstriped tires.

The original gauges were restored and updated with LED lights, and a quartz conversion was installed to keep the original clock hands spinning smoothly. A Vintage Air control panel matches the original brushed aluminum design, and a Retro Sound radio provides modern tunes for the ride.

The car was finally finished and returned to the owner, who was thrilled with the results. The car is now in better-than-new condition, and the owner is excited to make new memories with it.

What Can We Restore For You?

The V8 Speed and Resto Shop team stands ready to turn the clock back on whatever you drive, restoring it authentically or adding modern performance and convenience features as you wish. Contact the shop today to learn more.