1947 Dodge Pickup EFI 4.0 Jeep Engine Swap and 5 Speed Manual Conversion at V8 Speed & Resto Shop

This clean 1947 Dodge pickup truck came to the V8 Speed & Resto Shop after the new owner discovered that the old Dodge just didn’t have the oats to keep up with modern traffic on the highway. He wanted to be able to drive his new rig wherever he wanted, whenever he wanted, so a plan was developed to re-power the Dodge and retire the original flathead engine.

After much contemplation, the choice was made to keep some Dodge DNA in the truck, and a fuel injected Jeep 4 liter 6-cylinder engine was sourced along with it’s matching 5-speed manual overdrive transmission. The V8 crew designed and fabricated the engine mounts, along with all the necessary bracketry to upgrade the cooling system with an aluminum radiator and electric fan to handle not only the engine heat, but also a Vintage Air A/C system to keep the occupants cool on the road. All the required EFI control systems and high-pressure fuel system were retrofitted from a Jeep Cherokee to the ‘47, and the original fuel tank was fitted with a new in-tank electric pump to feed the engine. The V8 team integrated the A/C vents and controls into the dash in a manner that didn’t clash with the original design, along with upgraded instrumentation to keep tabs on it all.

The V8 Speed & Resto Shop interior department went to work installing sound and heat control panels in the floor, doors, and roof and added a new headliner. Under the truck, a new mandrel-bent exhaust system was fabricated in-house to let the straight-6 breathe easy.

The bright red pickup looks sharp with its contrasting red fenders, and now, it’s easily able to cruise down the highway without causing a traffic jam… at least not because it’s going too slow! It’s a real head-turner.

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