This super-clean 1978 Pontiac Trans Am came to the V8 Speed and Resto Shop as a new purchase for the owner. He wanted our crew to inspect the car, make any needed repairs, and upgrade it with a Vintage Air A/C system and a Holley Terminator X electronic fuel injection system. We also performed some other maintenance items, and replaced some worn-out components so that it is ready to fly!

2 thoughts on “1978 Pontiac Trans Am Upgrades at the V8 Speed and Resto Shop

  1. Ivan bustillo says:

    How much was the grand total of it. I’m just a kid with a dream in restoring my grandfathers 1981 Pontiac firebird trans am nascar edition. I work in a body shop myself but I do not have the level of expertise that y’all have. I would love to have a set goal price so that one day I can save I’ll hope you guys can get to work on it. When I’m looking to do is to remove any rust and I also would like a engine and transmission swap along with brake, suspension, and what not. The best of the best. Please respond to me. I really want this to happen.

    • Hello Ivan! Those NASCAR Trans Ams are cool, you don’t see them very often! PLUS – we love the fact that it was your Grandfather’s car! Too cool. Your request for “The Best Of The Best” comes with a lot of decisions regarding parts selection, power levels, performance desired, etc., so it’s really not easy to come up with a number until the goals are more clearly defined. We typically spend a good amount of time chatting with the customer to learn about those expectations. Next, not having seen the car, it’s also not responsible to say what kind of time the rust will require to repair, and the fit and finish goals need to be determined as well. We noticed that you contacted us on our online form, we’ll be reaching out to you to learn more about your expectations. Thanks for reaching out, and we’re looking forward to learning more about your Firebird!

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