Returning A Family Heirloom Galaxie To The Spotlight

This 1966 Ford Galaxie 500 7-LItre came to us at the V8 Speed & Resto Shop after living a long and full life, with plenty of wear and rust to show for it.    This car was purchased new in ‘66 by our customer’s father and has been under the same family ownership ever since.    

New for 1966 – The 428 V8

The big news for ‘66 was the launch of the new 428 V8, a high-compression big-block added to the FE family as a versatile replacement for the high-strung 427s.   Galaxies fitted with the 428 were badged 7-Litres, and this car features the 345 HP version cranking out 462 lb. ft. of torque at just 2800 RPM… perfect for getting big sleds like this off the line.    These were available in 4-speed or automatics like ours, and they made for comfortable and stylish highway cruisers.

Once documented and disassembled, our ‘66 received extensive metal repairs.    We had the body stripped with a dustless blasting process, leaving bare steel… with lots of rust holes.   Replacement sheet metal isn’t really easy to come by for these cars, so we sourced some original parts from Desert Valley Auto Parts in Arizona for new wheel houses and some other parts, but we had to extensively modify the replacement quarter panel skins to correct stamping inaccuracies.   Sheet metal patches were installed all over the body tub, in the floors, tail section, and package tray.      Like all our metal work, our goal is to create undetectable repairs and make the car appear new again. 

The frame was stripped, and rusty sections were replaced with fresh steel.    All the suspension parts were restored and rebuilt. 

The original engine had been rebuilt and stored a decade ago, and after a thorough inspection, it was determined that it could benefit from some cleanup machining to bring it back to spec after being improperly stored.    

The Original Color Revitalized – Emberglo

Meanwhile, extensive bodywork was performed to make the big Galaxie straighter than new.    After hours of block sanding, the car was primed and sprayed in the original Emberglo color, which is truly stunning in the sun under the deep Axalta clear paint.   

Interior parts were reconditioned and renewed, with new color applied over repaired components.    Surprisingly, the original bucket seats did not require a recovering, just a major cleaning and conditioning to make them ready for use.     They don’t appear factory new, but more like comfortable furniture that is just broken in, and they look great.    The center console, shifter, and gauges were restored, and a triple set of Stewart Warner Green line instruments were added below the dash to keep tabs on the 428.  

Details Make The Difference

This project required copious amounts of chrome plating, as the bumpers, grille, side trim, interior trim, and other pieces were either polished or replated.   New parts for 7-Litre specific items are not very common, so we fixed as much as possible.  

The original steel wheels and hubcaps were restored and a set of period white-stripe tires installed.     When the time came, the 428 roared back to life, with a nice rumble from the custom dual exhaust.   The car appears new in every way, and it drives as good as it looks.    It was even featured on the cover of Hemmings Muscle Machines Magazine, truly an honor for a great car and our very talented crew who brought it back to better than new!   

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