1967 Ford Galaxie 7-Litre R Code 427 Muscle Car Of The Week Video Episode 318 V8TV

By 1967, the baby boomers were starting to have families of their own, and big, full-size cars like Ford Galaxies were flying off the showroom floors by the hundreds of thousands. Performance car enthusiasts now had a variety of smaller, powerful pony cars to choose from, like the Ford Mustang and Chevrolet Camaro. And while Ford offered high-performance versions of it’s full-size family cars for years, the sales numbers of the big-inch big cars was declining. Our ‘67 Galaxie 500 XL is fitted with the 7-Litre Sports Package and hides a legendary V8 under the hood, and is one of only a handful and a half ever built.

The 7-Litre Sport Package started with the 345 HP 428 cubic inch V8 as the cornerstone, available with an automatic or a 4-speed manual transmission. However, this just one of 8 made with the R-code 427, a 425 HP specially built powerplant that sucked air and gas through 2 4-barrel carburetors, smashed the mixture in high compression heads, and blew out the smoke through header-like cast iron manifolds. It wringed out nearly 500 ft. lbs of torque and sent it through the toploader 4-speed down to the 3.50 gear equipped rear axle, ready to launch this XL sized XL off the line with authority.

The plush interior of this 7 Litre is like a high-speed rumpus room, all jazzed up with the XL series bucket seats and wood grain steering wheel, and more red landscape than the surface of mars. Cool vertical wood grain inserts run up and down the door panels, and the long center console is capped with a spacy 4-place indicator light set. There are surprisingly few gauges, but the curious speed redline still graces the speedometer.. it was a Ford thing of the mid ‘60s. It’s a big, roomy, comfortable place to mash the gas and row the gears.

The long, sleek lines of this swingin’ ‘60s luxo cruiser are highlighted by the fastback rear design, and how everything else leans forward, suggesting speed and power. 7-Litres rolled on wider steel wheels with mag-style caps snapped in place, and front disc brakes have the unenviable task of stopping the big ride. Redline tires accent the bright red paint, their stripe echoed in the 7-Litre’s thin white pinstripe that runs the whole length of the car. There are a few exterior badges, but nothing blatantly obvious like a billboard stripe to warn the others of a 427 lurking in their midst.

Driving this car is an experience like few others, as the suspension is soft, and you can really feel the car’s size as you wheel it through the turns. Lifting the clutch and stomping the gas creates a fore-aft rocking as the super 7 squats under the torque, and you better have a clear road head, because this car is going to own it.

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1967 Ford Galaxie 7-Litre R Code 427 Muscle Car Of The Week Video Episode 318 V8TV

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