This isn’t your average classic car restoration story. This is about a beloved piece of history, a 1951 Ford F1 pickup truck with a unique past and an exciting future. And the V8 Speed and Resto Shop is honored to be a part of its journey.

The truck, affectionately nicknamed the “firetruck” by its owners, Bloomsdale Excavating, has been with the company “forever.” It sat proudly in their museum, a cherished reminder of their rich history. But now, the time had come for this classic to shine once again. They wanted to bring it out of retirement and give it a new purpose: gracing parades and community events.

That’s where owner Dean and the V8 Speed and Resto Shop stepped in. Recognizing the truck’s significance, the team was eager to help. While the F1 didn’t need a full restoration, it did require some TLC. The paint needed a touch-up, and the electrical system needed rewiring to ensure safe and reliable operation.

For V8 Speed and Resto Shop, it wasn’t just about fixing a truck; it was about preserving a piece of history and reviving a community treasure. They meticulously addressed the paint and electrical issues, ensuring the F1 would be ready to handle the demands of parades and events.

This project is more than just a restoration; it’s a story of community, family, and shared history. Soon, the “firetruck” will once again be a source of pride for Bloomsdale Excavating and a delight for the community. And V8 Speed and Resto Shop is proud to have played a role in bringing this iconic truck back to life.

Stay tuned for updates as we share more about this special project! You might even see the F1 shining bright in a parade near you.