Honoring Veterans And The Birth Of Hot Rodding on Veterans Day 2023

Today’s hot rodding and high-performance parts industry can be directly traced back to veterans who enthusiastically put their newfound skills to work following World War II. This was a time where their enthusiasm and passion for speed and creating machines was coupled with an availability of low cost jalopies and cars to hop up, And a booming American economy, provided financial resources for them to make it happen. We love the fact that many veterans have started high-performance parts businesses many years ago that are still in business today helping us all realize our passions and enjoy our cars with friends and family. Thank you to all veterans From the V8 Speed Shop team! 



2022 Veterans Day at V8 Speed and Resto Shop

V8 Speed and Resto honors all Veterans, and we appreciate those who chose to be part of our team.  We are fortunate to work on a variety of Classics and Muscle Cars for Veteran owners, as well.  Thank you for your sacrifice and service to our country!

Dylan Rollins, US Marine Corps, 2018-2022

Andrew Helfrich, US Marine Corps, 2011-2015

Bob Schramm, US Army 1968-1970

Jason Beebe, US Air Force, 22 Years

Mike “Q-Ball” Clarke, US Air Force

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