This Camaro is a great example of a 1970s – 1980s style Street Machine!

Wearing an Rally Sport trim package and an SS badges, striping, and hood, this killer blue 1968 Chevrolet Camaro is a feast for the eyes. But what really has us jazzed are all the period-perfect accessories that give this Camaro a look we instantly recognize.

The parts we all wanted “back in the day.”

It all starts with the stance… the jacked-up look which allowed for much wider wheels and rear tires. In this case, a polished set of US Mags aluminum “slots” wrapped with BFG rubber put the power of the small block V8 to the pavement. Note the ladder bar rear suspension supporting a 12-bolt rear axle. Under the hood, the engine is wearing the prerequisite gold iridite plate Moroso valve covers, yellow Taylor spark plug wires, Edelbrock intake manifold, and long-tube headers. It’s a total time-warp.

It’s got the right look on the inside, too.

We converted the Camaro to an automatic transmission at the owner’s request, and added a “horseshoe” shifter to the O.E. style console. The console features the Rally gauge package, and the car is also fitted with a Vintage Air A/C system for even cooler cruising. Houndstooth upholstery, deluxe door panels, and rosewood accents provide even more detail inside.

Overall, this is a very fun Camaro that has the ability to transport not only from point A to B, but also back in time. And although we’ve built all kinds of Camaros here at the V8 Speed and Resto Shop, we’re always happy to see how many different ways these cars can be personalized and made cool.

Check out the video on this sweet 1968 Chevrolet Camaro Street Machine!

It’s no secret that classic cars and trucks hold personal connections to good times and the special people we’ve shared them with over the years. Sometimes, you have to act to be sure a classic doesn’t “get away”. In this case, the owner of this cool 1966 GMC pickup truck bought this same truck twice for that very reason!

Enjoyed By Generations

The GMC’s owner told us: “I bought this pickup for my daughter because she wanted an old truck like Dad. (I have a 58 Chevy Apache). She enjoyed driving it & showing her friends and used it as a photo prop, but wanted to sell it at one point, sooo I bought it from her – yes, I’ve bought the truck twice. Truth is, it reminds me of my Grandpa’s truck & I look forward to retiring someday & showing them both off.”

It is still powered by the inline 6-cylinder engine and is mostly original, and that’s one of the cool features of the truck. So many of these were worked hard, and while we love modified and restomod pickups, it’s always cool to see one that is authentic to the original design.

We’re honored he brought the Jimmy to the V8 Speed and Resto Shop for some maintenance and TLC. We’re replacing the bed wood, performing some mechanical fixes and taking care of some other loose ends on the truck so the owner can enjoy it more. Follow along in the pics below for the whole story.

1966 GMC Photo Gallery

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The First Of The New Generation

1982 was the debut year for the all-new 3rd Generation Chevrolet Camaro, including the highest-performance offering of the day, the Z28. While the early 1980s were not the pinnacle of performance years, this 4-speed Z28 holds a very special place in the heart and mind of the owner, and we’re looking forward to lighting its fire once again.

Connecting The Past With The Future

Cars like this one transport us back to when they were new, and the owner has had this one ever since then. We’re honored to have a hand in this Z28s future, renewing the spirit of the car and the soul of the owner through the throw of the 4-speed shifter. Reach us at the V8 Speed and Resto Shop to chat about the next chapter for your classic or muscle car.