Tremec TKX 5-Speed Manual Transmission Conversion at V8 Speed and Resto Shop

Manual transmission conversions are getting easier thanks to the new Tremec TKX 5-speed overdrive transmission at the V8 Speed and Resto Shop.   The TKX offers not only a smaller case design, but also improvements in shift quality over the popular TKO series transmissions.   The TKX makes it easier to fit into cars like this 1966 Pontiac GTO, or early Mustangs, Camaros, Chevelles, GTO, Galaxies, and other popular Muscle Cars.    

We recently completed the install of a Tremec TKX with a hydraulic clutch from Modern Driveline, and we were impressed with the fit.   The TKX has a torque capacity rating of 600 lb. ft., and they claim 8000 RPM maximum shift RPM thanks to the Sintered carbon and bronze-Hybrid double-cone synchros with a non-leading edge profile direct from the T56 Magnum.  The case design is “front loaded”, and features increased strength with a three-piece aluminum housing.  Gaskets at all flanges simplify installation and eliminate fluid leaks.

The TKX is available in GM 3 & 4 speed Muncie/Richmond pattern, as well as Ford wide pattern 3-4 speed cases to suit many applications.   Multiple gear ratios are available, which allow you to tailor the transmission gear spread to your driving needs.   They all feature overdrive. 

More information about the Tremec TKX is found at and we are always happy to discuss installing one in your classic or Muscle Car at the V8 Speed and Resto Shop.   You can reach us at today.  





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