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Happy Father’s Day from V8 Speed and Resto!  Carrying on our weekend long Father’s Day Pics of the V8 Speed and Resto Crew; meet Jason (Sarge) Beebe – Shipping & Receiving Parts Leader. The love of cars has been the common thread between Jason and his father. Cars featured are their 1969 Chevrolet Camaro and 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle. 

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Brother’s 1971 Chevrolet Camaro.
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V8 Speed and Resto Crew wishes all father’s (past, present and future) a very Happy Father’s Day. Check out some of our crew’s memorable pictures.

Trevor Spence, Team Lead and Project Planning is working with his dad back in the day on his 1937 Terraplane Cab Pickup Express. 

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Brian Wibbenmeyer, Parts Manager is hanging out by his father’s 1964 Chevy Truck. 

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Mike Ford , technician at V8 Speed and Resto spent many weekends at the race track with his father-in-law.

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Continuing our Father’s Day Pics from the V8 Speed and Resto crew meet; Bob Schramm and Lisa Woods are a father & daughter duo here at V8 Speed and Resto. Lisa handles Marketing and Events at V8TV Productions and Bob is Shop Cleaning/Maintenance.  

Lisa: “As a kid, our 1977 Ford Wagon held countless memories, particularly during family vacations. The spacious back wagon became our makeshift play area, brimming with excitement and anticipation. However, the summer heat transformed it into a sweltering sauna, as we traveled for hours with no air conditioning, but thanks dad for adding the mattress the year we went to Alabama .”

Bob: “Watching my dad spend many evenings and weekends on his early 1950’s Dodge truck is something I will always cherish”. “Hanging out in the garage, the smell of oil and paint was where we had some of our best conversations”. 

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The memories of working on a car with your father are some of the best. Meet Toby Cochran; Paint Prep/Detailer of V8 Speed and Resto Shop. This picture was taken of him and his father getting his old 2010 R/T Challenger ready for Street Machine Nationals.

Street Machine Nationals in DuQuoin, IL next weekend June, 23-June 25. 

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How did you spend your summer back in the day? Flipping burgers or lifeguarding? Not these Red Bud High School students; they are honing in on their auto passions by joining the V8 Speed and Resto crew for the summer.  Welcome Jack Roscow, Ethan Hahn and Emilee Liefer! V8 Speed Shop understands the importance of passing on knowledge to the next generation.  If you have a passion for all things on wheels check us out at

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gm nav 1969

We love seeing the future come to be.   Check out this ad from a 1969 issue of Car Craft Magazine, where GM predicts how future in-car navigation systems will allow you to drive from one coast to the other without a map!    Interestingly, they got it backwards… the signals come from the sky and not the road like they imagined!   Who’d have thought it’s all in the palm of your hand today?   

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2023 Memorial Day Flag Image

V8 Speed and Resto Shop extends heartfelt gratitude to all those who have served and sacrificed for our freedom. 🙏🎗️As we celebrate the Memorial Day weekend, let’s remember that without those who served and sacrificed, we would not have the  freedom to enjoy our way of life, or special vehicles that hold personal significance to us and our families.  May this weekend be filled with unforgettable rides and cherished memories.  ❤️🚗

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the discover leadership pic

🔥 V8 Speed and Resto’s experience with the Discover Leadership Training Game Changer program has been a phenomenal success! 💪✨ The program has ignited a transformative shift in our mindset and performance, unlocking our true potential. Through dynamic exercises and immersive simulations, we’ve gained invaluable insights, fostering a culture of trust and collaboration. With newfound resilience and a fearless mindset, we’re ready to conquer any challenge that comes our way. A huge shoutout to Discover Leadership for this life-changing experience! 🙌

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V8 Speed and Resto Shop Spring BBQ 2

What a perfect day at the V8 Speed and Resto Shop! ☀️ The sun is shining, and our incredible team is enjoying a well-deserved break with a fun barbecue lunch.  The occasion is to celebrate the completion of a long-term restoration, reflect on the process, and appreciate the work and dedication of the team.  The smell of pulled pork and the sound of laughter fill the air as we gather together to savor delicious food and great company.

It’s moments like these that remind us how fortunate we are to have such an amazing team. We work hard, putting our heart and soul into restoring classic beauties, and today, we’re taking a moment to recharge and appreciate each other’s camaraderie. As we share stories and enjoy the warmth of the sun, we’re reminded that our shared passion for automotive restoration is what brings us together.

Here’s to the bright sunny days, mouthwatering barbecues, and the incredible team that makes our  shop a truly special place. Cheers to the joy of teamwork and the satisfaction of creating automotive masterpieces! 🍔🌞 #Teamwork #RestorationShop #BBQLunch #EnjoyingTheSun

V8 Speed and Resto Shop Spring BBQ 2
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V8 Speed and Resto Shop hosted the Randolph County Start Up Program

“The future depends on what we do in the present” said Gandhi AND Kelle Oeste Agrees!!! 

 V8 Speed and Resto Shop hosted the Randolph County Start Up Program. This business entrepreneurial class focuses on real experiences with business owners. Congrats and wishing you all the best with your business endeavors. 

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