Retro Ford Magazine Features Kevin Oeste in SEMA 2022 Coverage

British magazines Classic Fords Modified and Retro Ford Magazine feature 10 pages of the top modified Mustang and Ford builds from SEMA Show ’22, in the latest issue. SEMA is the largest automotive aftermarket event of the year. If you are lucky enough to experience SEMA you are sure to experience Kevin Oeste. Kevin hosts SEMA Ignited and SEMA Central which include interviews with automotive celebrities, industry experts and influencers. SEMA 2022 was anticipated by many after coming off the pandemic years; however, SEMA 2023 just may prove there are further enhancements and higher exceptions. 

Photography by Mike Rysiecki, SEMA, Zack Miller & Cole Reynolds.  

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We were super-stoked to see the 1932 Ford Roadster owned and loved by Hot Rod Magazine’s Gray Baskerville. It’s not only a righteous ride, but has crossed over 230,000 miles in the name of having a good time telling car stories to the masses. It was great to see it in the Hot Rod Magazine / MotorTrend booth at the 2022 SEMA Show in Las Vegas, NV. It’s also on the cover of the 75th Anniversary issue of Hot Rod – check it out! @hotrodmagazine @semashow #32ford #hotrod #sema #baskerville #toocool #adeeos #legend #icon

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Gray Baskerville 1932 Ford Roadster SEMA 2022

SEMA Preview, Van Update, Car Shows, Starters, Automotive Trivia, and More on the V8 Radio Podcast!

Kevin Oeste and Mike “Q-Ball” Clarke chat discuss vanity license plates and other updates on Kevin’s Dodge Maxivan.   Later, it’s a 2022 SEMA show preview, which leads to a discussion about automotive events from a car builder standpoint.   Sprinkle in some great automotive trivia and few laughs, and you’ve got another action-packed episode of your favorite automotive podcast, V8 Radio!

V8 Radio Podcast
V8 Radio Podcast
2022 SEMA Preview, Van Update, Car Shows, Automotive Trivia, and More on the V8 Radio Podcast!

The 2022 SEMA show is coming up in Las Vegas, and we will be working the show and attending. However, we are always ask the same question, Continue reading “Why YOU Can’t Get In To The SEMA Show – Unless You Are In The Automotive Aftermarket Business V8TV”