** UPDATE: It’s with heavy hearts that we regret to inform that the owner / caretaker of the 1970 Buick GSX “Prototype” show car Brad Conley has passed. He’s owned this extremely special car since 1978, and it is largely responsible for our host Kevin Oeste’s obsession with Muscle Cars. Please join us in extending our condolences to the Conley family, but also our deepest appreciation to Brad for finding, restoring, and showing this amazing car that touched so many lives.

Most of us have a particular car that left a mark on us, and this Muscle Car Of The Week left a burnout on host Kevin Oeste’s brain like a Buick 455 burning bias ply tires across a slick parking lot. This week, Oeste is united with a childhood dream car, seeing the 1970 Buick GSX Stage 1 “Prototype” show car in person for the first time at the 2018 Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals in Chicago. It was one of many special moments from the MCACN show, and a great example of why all muscle car fans should attend this amazing event. Special thanks to car owner Brad Conley for the personal tour of the GSX.

Interview With Owner Brad Conley: https://youtu.be/KWdznFjK4fs?t=7702 (2:08:20)

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1970 Buick GS 455 Stage 1 4-Speed Convertibles at Muscle Car & Corvette Nationals Video V8TV

The Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals had enough cool cars on hand to make any Muscle Car fan’s head explode. In this video, we chat with Dan Vasic about the amazing 1970 Buick GS 455 Stage 1 4-Speed Convertible display. These are some very rare and powerful cars disguised as luxury rides, and the display was very popular at the MCACN show!

The bar was raised once again at the 2015 Muscle Car And Corvette Nationals!    In this video, show organizer Bob Ashton takes us through the unbelievable Hemi Cuda / Challenger Convertible display, which featured 27 of the rarest Muscle Cars ever built!    And the story continues with special theme displays covering Boss 302 Mustangs, Buick GS 455 Stage 1 4-speed convertibles, Z16 Chevelles, L88 Corvette, 409 and L79 cars, barn finds, and much more.     It's an amazing show and we are honored to be able to bring you the coverage of the event.   Presented by Reliable Carriers.    www.mcacn.com 

We had a good friend and customer call us looking for a Buick GS to purchase.   After several months of searching, we found this slick red 1971 Buick GS 455 for sale, inspected it, and ended up purchasing it for the customer.     It is an original GS car, with a non-original 455, but the engine has been rebuilt with a performance cam, lifters, intake, and it runs very strong.   The car is painted a non-original color, (was green), but it looks very presentable and has a very clean parchment white interior.   The car drives fantastically and will be a pleasure to own.   This is a gallery of the car for your viewing pleasure.  

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